Phoenix & Rook

About the Authors

Phoenix & Rook is a joint venture by two individuals:

 Rook is an artist and freelance writer, whose travels and experiences have taken her everywhere from an environmental lab, to an organic pomegranate farm, to a painter’s studio. Her literary experience spans the better part of a decade, and her creative adaptability has allowed her to write content for numerous outlets, from ghostwriting paranormal romances to creating ad-copy for a literal wizard. 

Phoenix is a Master in Political Science and Administration, and has written for cyber-consulting firms and the federal government. His writing experience spans into a love for recreational fiction — telling tales of grizzled bounty-hunters in space, and crafting containment procedures for anomalous objects. He is the creator of the book’s setting, Uruvalai. His creative endeavors are rooted not only on his lifelong study of literature, but also on his collegiate studies in geopolitics and psychology.