Harts & Hounds

Harts & Hounds is book one of the Wayfarer’s Veil series.

Full Synopsis: Lady Nissadea Oijala is an outcast of the Wanderer’s Court, left to a life of decadence and stagnation. Her father’s killer wears the mark of rulership — the Wayfarer’s Veil — and considers Nissadea a mere afterthought. While she rebels with transgressive art, bat racing,  and underground parties, the Grand Wayfarer laughs from on high, and pens her letters in Oijala blood.

Under the Wayfarer’s tyrannical rule, lords and ladies war amidst the tunnel-empire of S’varga. Lady Nissadea is a chess piece taken off the board. With nothing to show for her childhood tragedy but a neglected manse, a domineering uncle, and a stable full of racing bats, Nissadea turns her attention away from S’vargan noble life entirely. Not every story needs a hero, and Nissadea knows that that, in S’varga, heroes die first.

High Captain Rai Nifel is himself a fallen hero, a man with a bloodied past hidden behind a silken veil. When he arrives at Nissadea’s manse-in-exile, he gives her a strange proposal: marriage, power, and the destruction of the Wayfarer’s rule. Yet his handsome smile belies his own plans, his shadowed past, and a deeper secret buried underneath the noble outlands. With a madman’s vigor, he speaks of a grand wall with two names: The Bloomveil, a vibrant barrier of vines studded with radiant flowers to protect the populace, and The Corpse Veil, a stinking harbinger of death, decay, and parasitic hunger, built to keep the Wayfarer’s enemies buried.

In the Harts & Hounds, nobility meets insanity, love chases ambition, and the single question remains: When the hunt has concluded and the hounds have caught their prey, who will be found between their fangs?

A Phoenix & Rook Book.